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Best Profanity Board

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Profanity Wakestyle board from Best HD from simon on Vimeo.

55 ft Slider hits

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Megatron Slider from Chris Stuckey on Vimeo.

The Real Coaches came together as a team to finance and build this slider. As quoted in the edit by Ryan Evans, “over budget…. tons of FRUSTRATION!” However, I was able to counter the instability issue and everyone appears to be pleased with the new ride.

Southwest makes an Appearance

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Real Kiteboarding

Real Kiteboarding

Arriving back to the Banks Sunday evening after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family in the lower half of NC. I awoke to South-Wizzy (aka Southwest) winds! For those of you who know, you know! Southwest is the best wind on the island, warm, sunny, and ever-building throughout the day. Got in a great little session riding and yelling at each other in The Slick hitting The Duke slider and clowning with the boyz: Ryan Evans, Duca, Joel, Nick Baines, and Slezak.