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The Duke strikes

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Occasionally from time to time, I don’t have any good material to offer to the table! However, there are many great individuals around me capturing the moment so that those who are not here to breathe, immerse, and live the lifestyle that we live on a daily basis can see a glimmer into our snowglobe (or surf-globe)!

Baines readying...

Bryan Elkus, an excellent photographer and a proud friend of mine captured this weekends chaos! No wind, but that didn’t stop the Real team from pushing the stoke meter up a notch!

John Wayne

Brian “BCS” Smith went yard today, pulling out all the stops and going huge on “The Duke” today! So big, he nearly injured himself to pieces. Luckily, in the long run, BCS has been deemed good and will potentially be sore the next few days.

BCS injured

For more epic shots, check out

Secret spot….

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mini ramp Between cold fronts, light wind, and smaller surf…. the guys have been hitting a contagious little secret place that harbors a beautiful mini ramp! Sam Bell tearing it up

Southwest makes an Appearance

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Real Kiteboarding

Real Kiteboarding

Arriving back to the Banks Sunday evening after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family in the lower half of NC. I awoke to South-Wizzy (aka Southwest) winds! For those of you who know, you know! Southwest is the best wind on the island, warm, sunny, and ever-building throughout the day. Got in a great little session riding and yelling at each other in The Slick hitting The Duke slider and clowning with the boyz: Ryan Evans, Duca, Joel, Nick Baines, and Slezak.