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SupportersDoes a tree make noise when it falls in the forest even if no one is around to hear it?  Sunday, March 21st marked the second time Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans was conquered by a fundraiser with a mission to create awareness, successfully kiteboard across twenty-four miles of open water, and raise $10,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The media may have not been there to cover the moment this kiteboarding crossing finalized, however, the tree did fall and it made a thunderous roar.


Steve "Happy", Stuckey, & JudsonThe weekend of March 20th – 21st marked the 2010 New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta.  Sunday, March 21st, without a doubt by all weather reports leading up to this day, was going to provide a terrific kiteboarding crossing.  The weekend weather report called for a low pressure system to move into the Gulf of Mexico Saturday night with winds climbing to 15 – 20 knots from the southwest with gusts reaching gale force at 35 knots.  The cold front arrived as forecasted and Sunday morning, the team awoke to temperatures hovering in the low forties with a wind chill in the mid-thirties.  The winds came out of the west at 15 – 25 knots, with gusts still approaching gale force.

 Judson & Happy departing SYC

Judson Wheeler, chase boat driver, looked out over Lake Pontchartrain from the south shore and commented, “Look at those white caps, I don’t know Chris.”  Moments later, Judson and Steve Acheson climbed aboard a twenty-foot center console provided by Southern Yacht Club (SYC) to make their way out into the lake for a test run.  Minute’s later, back on the dock, Judson proclaims, “We’re going, and we’ll see you on the north shore.”  Judson and Steve departed the safety of the harbor at 8:40am to tackle twenty-four miles of open water in waves four to six feet high.


Shayne, Stuckey, & PottsMeanwhile, the kiteboarders rally on the north shore; Shayne Green, Alex Potts, and Chris Stuckey.  From the beach front on the north shore, the wind is blowing west-southwest.  Wheeler and Acheson arrive around 10am grinning and wet.  As the chase boat crew relaxes in the warmth of Lake Pontchartrain Yacht Club, the kiteboarders rig up.   Both Green and Potts rig up 14m kites while Stuckey rigs a 7m.  Shayne is the first to be launched and walks out into the water to wait, followed by Potts.   Last to be launched, Stuckey takes to the water with boots and no fins.  Underpowered, he makes several tacks and then jumps the breakwater wall that protects the entrance of the harbor.  Stuckey downs his kite over the beach on the other side of the canal. 


Moments later, Stuckey is back in the water on a 10m and jibbing towards the southeast followed by Green who had been waiting patiently.  Potts, on the other hand was in a different predicament.  Overpowered, Potts unable to keep his edge, he downed his rig on the same beach section that Stuckey had moments earlier been on.  At a little past noon; Stuckey and Green followed by the chase boat, make their way south to Southern Yacht Club.


StuckeyTackling choppy conditions in four to six foot waves in short intervals and a shifting wind from the west, Green begins to fall behind Stuckey six to eight miles into the journey.   Green later exclaims, “I lost my mark and didn’t realize my position.”  As Stuckey holds his reach and shoots south, Green is exponentially falling behind and approximately 4 to five miles to the east downwind.  Off his mark, the chase boat retrieves Shayne and this crossing was over.  One kiteboarder left in the crossing, rough conditions ahead and a gusty west wind, Stuckey slowly works his way even more south.


3 Hour tour - finish is nearAfter three hours of being in the water tackling conditions that cancelled two regattas earlier in the day, including the Leukemia Cup Regatta.   Stuckey arrives at New Canal, the entrance to the harbor of Southern Yacht Club.  Downing his kite in the wind shadow of the harbor entrance, Stuckey self-rescued as the chase boat arrived to retrieve him.

New Canal - finish

Betsy, Lisa, Happy, Stuckey, Judson, Carrie

Kiteboarder Crossing Happen’in! Yes….

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I Lake Pontchartrain Kiteboarder Crossinghave to thank Southwest Airlines for this glorious shot!  Kidding, no really, I paid for that seat and the photo came with the flight due to may payment to get close to my hometown.  I have to thank Real Kiteboarding, aka Real Watersports, for supporting me, by providing two 2010 Slingshot kites as well as Liquid Force for hooking up the Auction Party with a Recoil Kiteboard

Kiteboarder Crossing 2010 is  less than 112 hours from happen’n at this point.  I have to give a hand to the individuals that contributed Wednesday 3/17, these individuals contributed nearly $1,ooo.  Luck of the Irish, Thank you! Injured kiteboarding participant Mark Pacetti needs to be acknowledged for raising over $1,ooo and making an attempt to fly over from Miami to race in the Kiteboarder Crossing!

Foreground, long peninsula is West End
Foreground, long peninsula is West End

Southshore of Lake Pontchartrain, West End juts out as a peninsula and this will form the finish line for the 2010 Leukemia Cup Regatta Kiteboarder Crosssing race.

Weather Update (3/18)

South winds 10 to 15 knots. Lake waters choppy.
Saturday Night
South winds near 10 knots becoming west 15 to 20 knots with frequent higher gusts in the late evening. Small Craft Advisory may be needed. Lake waters rough. Chance of showers through the night. Chance of thunderstorms after midnight.
Sunday (Potentially, Crossing Day)
West winds 15 to 20 knots.  Lake waters rough.

Fundraiser Needs the Jackson from your pocket

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2010 Kiteboarder Crossing Tshirt

2010 Kiteboarder Crossing Tshirt

Auction Party at Southern Yacht Club Friday, March 19th @ 6:30pm
This is open to the public!

Time is running out! Making preparations to cross the lake this weekend. As it stands, of the five kiteboarders in addition to myself crossing the lake. Two kiteboardering participants have had to drop out to conflicts and injuries. I do have to give a hand to Mark, a kiteboarding participant from Miami who raised over $1,000 for the LLS.

Donate TODAY!

This weekend, the weather has the potential to provide the right conditions:

High pressure will build in behind this front on Thursday and remain over the region through Friday. This high will shift toward the eastern Seaboard Saturday…as a low pressure system forms in the plains. As the low tracks to the east…a cold front will sweep through the coastal waters Saturday night.
South winds 10 to 15 knots. Lake waters choppy. Slight chance of showers.
Saturday Night
Southwest winds 10 to 15 knots becoming northwest 15 to 20 knots after Midnight. Lake waters choppy to rough. Chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Production Life….

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EPK for HBO "Treme"

Just got back from visiting the fam in Da Ville (IN)! Things were good.

EPK HBO "Treme"

Returned to beautiful weather in New Orleans and a fun day working production, for behind the scenes bonus feature footage for HBO’s new show “Treme”. Worked with Wendell Pierce, from HBO’s “The Wire”

Wendell Pierce, HBO "Treme"

I’m still crossing the lake as of now, but I still need more money….
Donate TODAY: click link Kiteboarder Crossing


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My fundraising effort, aka The Kiteboarder Crossing has blown up into it’s very own organized event. As part of the 2010 New Orleans Leukemia Cup Regatta, I’m again a non-sailing fundraising participant and organizing mayhem. This year will be a kiteboarder race across Lake Pontchartrain, this lake spans approximately 24 miles. Various kiteboarders from the Nola/MS and a couple guys from Miami area have expressed an interest in fundraising a couple bucks and racing across the lake for a great cause!


Stay posted as this all begins to come together in the month of March!

2009 LCR Chase Boat Crew

2009 LCR Chase Boat Crew