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Swamp Vegas

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Riders: Aaron Hadlow, Billy Parker and the LTR Team: Brian Smith, Evan Netsch, Eric Rienstra and Brandon Scheid Edit: Cineaptic Digital Media

It’s been a while!

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Check out a Sensi Graves edit of Brandon Scheid, Jason Slezak, and Miss Sensi herself charging on da sliders Sensi Graves appears to be the next up-and-coming female [kiteboarding] slider rider for 2011!

Team REAL at CWC from Sensi Graves on Vimeo.

55 ft Slider hits

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Megatron Slider from Chris Stuckey on Vimeo.

The Real Coaches came together as a team to finance and build this slider. As quoted in the edit by Ryan Evans, “over budget…. tons of FRUSTRATION!” However, I was able to counter the instability issue and everyone appears to be pleased with the new ride.

Kiteboarding lifestyle

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Rufus on Columbia River

After an amazing session at Rufus on the Columbia River that saw winds between 35 – 50 mph with river swell reaching an easy 10-12ft. It was time for bit of a change.

Elkus, Scheid, Stuckey, & Slezak

Elkus, Scheid, Stuckey, & Slezak

Been hanging out with Brandon Scheid, Bryan Elkus, and Jason Slezak in the pacific Northwest. We heard the wind and waves were forecasted to fire on the coast. Therefore, Tuesday last minute, we packed up the truck and headed four hours over to the coast to meet up with Julien and Tekko for a wicked session of string kiting in the surf that day. Tuesday evening session saw 10m – 12m kites hitting well overhead surf. Again, getting a late start after the fog rolled out on Wednesday, we all enjoyed a fantastic 8m – 10m day charging waves, still organized but slightly smaller.

Oregon Coast

Skate Frenzy

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Sleazy charging

A skate frenzy has been in play on the island for the past couple weeks. As the temperatures made it less than desirable to jump in the water for a surf sessh or wicked winds providing bone chilling kite sessions, the ramps have been getting a lot of play. On Saturday, Jason, Brandon, Elkus, and Tommy sessioned the ramp while Sam watched.

Brandon Scheid

3 weeks of riding!? what?

3 weeks of riding!? what?

Secret spot….

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mini ramp Between cold fronts, light wind, and smaller surf…. the guys have been hitting a contagious little secret place that harbors a beautiful mini ramp! Sam Bell tearing it up