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Nate Appel delivers “Present Tense” teaser

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Check out Nate Appel bring a spectrum of outrageous kiteboarding to the “Present Tense”! From around the country to the riders from around the world, cinematographer & styly-edit artist Appel captures some of the most spectacular riding in our present time. Watch this teaser of “Present Tense”

Present Tense Teaser from Nate Appel on Vimeo.

Danny MacAskill “Way back home”

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Best Profanity Board

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Profanity Wakestyle board from Best HD from simon on Vimeo.

Inspiration: Ashley Fiolek

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Motocross phenom Ashley Fiolek in one of the best “Firsthand” episodes I have seen. Stellar inspirational mini-look at this rockstar athlete.

Oh Tekko & Julien

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Max Flow Infomercial from Liquid Force Kites on Vimeo.

Bryan Elkus Peru – Surf Shotz

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Check out all things glorious, that is! Photographer Bryan Elkus‘s fantastic photos from his surf/kite trip in Peru! Here’s just a taste, get your visual hunger on at

Peru - Lens: Bryan Elkus


Kill’n it on da wakeskate behind Sesitec System 2.0

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Scott Byerly, George Daniels and Ross Gardner as they take a little spin at the projects system 2.0 park. Graham Northrup came by for a shred and landed a kickflip off the incline like it was nothing… Some great riding by all.

Raf Derome smooth rail riding!

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Check out Raf Derome and his wicked buttery-smooth rail riding on a Sesitec System 2.0

Sendin it from still not famous on Vimeo.

Chad Worrall charging “The Duke”

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55 ft Slider hits

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Megatron Slider from Chris Stuckey on Vimeo.

The Real Coaches came together as a team to finance and build this slider. As quoted in the edit by Ryan Evans, “over budget…. tons of FRUSTRATION!” However, I was able to counter the instability issue and everyone appears to be pleased with the new ride.