To Superbowl or to Revel? Both

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NFC championship 2010

Sidenote: The Real Fans was filmed in the place I’m currently living in.

In New Orleans, Rise Of Saints Symbolic Of City
by Debbie Elliott (NPR News)

“This might help you understand just how big the Super Bowl is in the Big Easy: some of New Orleans’ finest restaurants are closing on Sunday evening.

And on the first big weekend of Carnival, parades have been rescheduled around the big game, which matches New Orleans’ beloved Saints against the Indianapolis Colts.

And while voters here are choosing a mayor Saturday, even mayoral candidate Mitch Landrieu is still reveling in that overtime field goal that sent the Saints to Miami.

“Everybody without thinking about it reached out and held their neighbors’ hands and the entire stadium was holding hands at the time that that ball actually went through the uprights,” Landrieu recalls. “It was extraordinary. One of the greatest moments of my life. It was cathartic.”

For many, their team’s long climb to the Super Bowl is symbolic of New Orleans’ ongoing struggle to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Fans here have been wandering in the football desert for more than 40 years. They donned paper bags for a while — about the same time the paper-bag-masked Unknown Comic was a fixture on The Gong Show — but the “Aints” of old are no more.

Now it’s a Who Dat nation…”

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